Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Toilet Glass!

I'm often told by customers that some glass reminds them of glass they are familiar with in toilets. These machine made glasses are often heavily obscured with deep cut patterns and in a large sheet are not that interesting... but cut up and used sparingly they can become really lively creating the most amazing shifts in texture as different bits light up during different times of the day. Here is one such job...

A fanlight panel for a flat in Waterloo. 

Afternoon sunlight picks up the textured glasses.

Checking the colours away from the wall of trees!

Bevelled glass adds extra sparkle!  

 Toilet glasses are go! Featuring Muranese, Festival, Glistre, Cross Reed, Sparkle and Japanese. 

 Not forgetting Large Cross Reed bottom left!
In situ.
Interesting toilet glass at Well Hall Tudor Barn
now where's my chisel!

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