Monday, 25 June 2018

'The Secret' retold in stained glass!

I recently completed a lovely commission for Anita Klein. The work involved converting Anita's print of 'The Secret' into a stained glass panel.

Anita Klein print of 'The Secret'.

With the strong lines, shape and bright colours Anita's work converts very well into stained glass.
Anita painting the detail.

Leading up the painted and silver stained panel.

It is amazing how different the panel looks at different times of the day in changing light levels. 

Photo courtesy of Anita Klein.

The panel will begin it's new life in a yoga studio in Barcelona. It was a lovely job to have been given the opportunity to work on. To see more of Anita's beautiful work in stained glass and other media click here.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Thames-Side Open Studios 9 -10th June 2018

Our Open Studios are coming up this weekend. We are open both Saturday and Sunday from 12 - 6pm though I am open just Saturday this weekend so please do come along then if you are free. Thames-Side Studios is a fantastic venue with nearly 500 studios of artists, makers and designers. Leatherwork, picture framing, painting and drawing, carpenters fashion design, tailoring, jewellery, conservation and restoration, laser cutting, book-binding, clock making and product design are just some of the trades, arts and crafts represented. It's a large site and luckily there are 3 homemade food cafes (one with river terrace view) to pick you up again!

Hope to see you on Saturday in studio Trinity Wharf - 05!

More info can be found here...

Thames-Side Studios
Harrington Way
Warspite Road
SE18 5NR