Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Catcuddles Cat Sanctuary

Just completed repairs work for this excellent cat sanctuary in Abbey Wood. Catcuddles receives no funding from state or grants and is entirely dependent on donors and volunteers. You can find out more about the good work they do and the beautiful cats they have available for adoption here;


Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The Old Sessions House

Very lucky to be invited by my friend Sophie to help putty in windows she is glazing at The Old Sessions House in London, a grade 2 listed building constructed between 1778 and 1782. Once it was the largest and busiest courthouse in London, with court residences in the upper rooms and dungeon below. The owners Satila Studios will create a mixed use building with flats, offices, retail and restaurant/bar so opening out parts of this amazing building for public access. Satila say; 'Our idea is to restore the former glory by reinstating design features but also making it work as a modern building'.

Shaking the hand of Justice!

Sophie used a beautiful period restoration glass.

Amazing leadwork on the roof.

Ceiling for the above room being restored.

Fine woodwork on the original shutters. 

There are some more beautiful pictures of this building on the Satila Studios website;!old-sessions-house/ci8r .