Friday, 4 December 2015

Farewell Cockpit Arts Open Studios!

Sadly my last Open Studios at Cockpit Arts where I have been based for the last 14 years. It's been a fantastic place to work but it's time to move on and a huge studio awaits at the 'UK's single site largest affordable studio space provider' Second Floor Studios!

Come and visit me at Second Floor Open Studios, 2 - 5th June, where there are a wide variety of crafts; sculpture, moving image, costume making, mozaics, fine art, alongside ceramics, jewellery, bow making, textiles, hot and cold glass and many, many more.

Second Floor Studios is right next to the Thames with stunning views of the London Skyline and Thames Barrier. The original ferry across the Mersey the Royal Iris is laid up adjacent. There is a fantastic café, exhibition space and garden spaces to relax.

I move end of January but before I go here are a couple of Cockpit Arts Open Studios images past to present...

Way back in 2003!

Getting ready for the current Open Studios...small panels for sale.

More pics to follow.... 

Friday, 6 November 2015

Test Your Poole Pottery Knowledge - Part 2!

The design for this panel was based on one by the artist Tony Morris who began working for Poole Pottery in the 1960's. My customer, the metal worker Ian Marshall, was not only interested in colour, shape and form, his design undergoing many revisions before settling on this one, but equally interested in the look of lead itself; the way that the tension within a panel can be changed through both shaping the lead and varying the use of it's thickness and thinness.

The original design by the amazingly talented Tony Morris was based on pollarded trees, we liked the thought of seeing this shape more as a blazing sun pierced by lead sillouettes. You can see more of Tony Morris's work here at the Virtual Museum of Poole Pottery. You can see more of Ian Marshalls beautiful work here.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Test Your Poole Pottery Knowledge!

The photos below are close ups of a design which is spread across 5 door panels and is a design adapted from a piece of work by a well known Poole Pottery artist. Can you guess which one?

Answer to follow....!