Monday, 27 June 2016

Visible Light Exhibition

Amazing work on show in France - poster forwarded to me by Ginger Ferrell, one of the artists taking art in the show. For more info click here; 

Saturday, 18 June 2016

New Name for Studios

Management of our studios has just changed from 'Second Floor Studios and Arts' to Thames-Side Studios. I do apologise for any confusion I am still at the same location!

Saturday, 4 June 2016

No Format Gallery

On show this Open Studios at our very own gallery is an exhibition celebrating the diversity of talent at Second Floor Studios and Arts, Modern Makers IV is the forth in a series of exhibitions this one dedicated to sculpture...

To the rear of the exhibition is the charity postcard sale 'Anonymous' - in aid of 4 locally based charities - 

more pics from on site to follow...

Friday, 3 June 2016

Victory Panel

This panel is believed to be late Victorian and appears to show an angel holding a palm leaf referencing the traditional 'Victory' sign when Jesus enters Jerusalem shorty before his crucifixion. The panel has some lovely detail and is clearly from a skilled hand. The top panel, though missing in this photo, is smaller and also intact and shows an ornate tracery. The panel belongs to a colleague and is just on loan for Open Studios. Please do take the opportunity to visit and see this beautiful panel which is for sale (as a set of 3) at £2000. There is a sister panel to this one (also in good condition) showing an angel representation of 'Peace'.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Open Studios at Second Floor Studios and Arts, 2 - 5th June 2016

After 13 years at Cockpit Arts this will be my first Open Studios at Second Floor and already it feels very different. At Cockpit it is compulsory to open and usually paid entry for visitors whereas here it is not compulsory though you are encouraged to do so if you can and it's free. As you will see on the free map that's handed out at the entrance it's a very large site with over 450 studios (though not all will be open) so come prepared to spend a little while exploring the site and the variety of talent it offers.

We have 3 cafes here, one by the entrance, one in the 'The Reach' (which is a climbing wall, you need to sign in to access it but don't worry it doesn't mean you are signed up to scale the heights!) and one with terrace overlooking the river. We are right on the waterfront with spectacular views of the Thames Barrier and the City to the west, Tate and Lyle opposite and Woolwich Ferry to the east. The Royal Iris, one of the original 3 ferries across the Mersey lies in elegant decline adjacent to the river wall..

There are various activities taking place over the weekend; families can make a willow sculpture together, adults can try their hand at printing. Second Floor Studios supports 4 local charities with a charity postcard sale where studio members donate an original artwork, which is then sold for £20 some of the entries can be seen here; If you are looking for an interesting course there are also many different courses on offer from welding to painting to printing at The Thames Barrier Print Studio, The London Sculpture Workshop and the Education Space .

This year on view in my studio will be a small selection of panels for sale, work in progress and the opportunity to see the most spectacular original Victorian panel which is for sale... photos to follow...!