Saturday, 20 December 2014

Louis Barillet - a unique talent

One of the amazing things about glass is it's changeability. A set of panels can look completely different at different times of  day. Glass designers understood reflection and refraction and how to get the most out of surface texture. One of the most skilled and underrated masters of this form was the French artist Louis Barillet (1880 - 1948) who specialised in using industrial glasses; prismatic, patterned, opaque, mirrors and lenses.  Sadly there is no museum of his work but you can see it dotted all over Paris and France in churches, municipal buildings and in private houses. Pi in 'life of Pi' was named after the Parisian swimming pool Piscine Molitor (now a club and arts complex) which has spectacular Art Deco panels of bathers. Here are a few images of his work;


3 panels below made by Apollo Stained Glass, inspired by Barillet. 
Woman - available for sale.

Man - available for sale.

Robot - sold at Open Studios.

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