Monday, 15 December 2014

Islamic geometric pattern

So far I have produced very few Islamic patterns in stained glass. It is a shame because their beauty and tranquillity lend themselves perfectly to the art of illumination. Patterns are constructed by complex repeat geometry and the shape and process used to build the pattern have profound religious meaning. Here are a few patterns translated to glass...

A love of Moroccan artwork and an image spotted in a book lead to the door panel below...

A section of a design from the cover of an illustrated Qu'ran kept in Geneva, adapted for glazing into a Victorian home.
Free hanging panels sold at Open Studios - the design from tiling and plasterwork in the Azem Palace in Damascus.

 I have read that some artisans were so skilled that they could decorate mosques in complex geometry from sight rather than working out the precise mathematics. How amazing to hold all that information in your head. For incredibly beautiful Islamic work with depth and understanding visit the site of Amber Khokhar.  

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