Saturday, 6 December 2014

Looking for that beautiful wobble..!

Over the years your eyes get very attuned to the properties of glass and one of the joys is spotting an original handmade pane of glass, perhaps the only one left in a much repaired set, trees and buildings distort as you look through then leap back into focus in the next pane of float glass! You'll spot much of this glass in Regency and Georgian fanlights with their strong elegant outlines (although float glass was not launched until 1959 so many later examples exist too). Below are a couple of illustrations...

 Wobbling trees! A 'Captains House', Blackheath.

   This job had an extra element as the neighbours had a small remnant of original lead fascia molding left. Getting a copy made can be very expensive so we used a precast lead roundel, checking different sizes.

Regency and Georgian leadwork was frequently painted white.
 A 'batwing' design with handmade clear and yellow tints. 
You can see more beautiful designs from this period on my website here. You can find out more about the amazing variety of restoration glasses here;  The London Crown Glass Company and about Georgian Buildings in general here; The Georgian Group.

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