Monday, 8 December 2014

"To wake the soul by tender strokes of art" - Alexander Pope

One of the amazing things about stained glass is how it changes at different times of the day; colours light up or subdue in hue and textures blaze or twinkle as they catch the light at different angles. It's amazing to see your very own art work light up for the first time when light fades and you turn your hall light on. The reflections that stained glass makes can also give some surprising and unexpected pleasures. Here are a few examples...

 Great leafy shapes!
 A faceted jewel.

 These reflections come from the panels below, the faceted jewels sprinkling light again.

A great place to be immersed in the colours of stained glass is All Saints Church at Tudeley in Kent. This small church is the only Church in the world to have all it's 12 windows decorated by Marc Chagall. Visit on a sunny day - but check the opening times and for services first.  

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