Saturday, 13 December 2014

Mr Ben's stained glass front door!

Aah remember Mr Ben? He was a childrens cartoon character of the 70's who every time he went in and out of his front door had a new costume on, I have no idea why but I do remember that he had some amazing outfits!  Stained glass, if it is well made, has a life span of about 80 - 100 years so a panel can have many lives. Here's a set of door panels that began life somewhere unknown but probably in a 30's or 40's house. At some point they were removed from their original door complete with part of their frame and inserted into a Victorian door. Perhaps the homeowners felt they would like panels with a differently shaped top or they liked them because of the clear glass background or maybe they got them from a salvage yard at a very good price! The panels have now left the building and gone on to their new life in a garden workshop!

3 small original diamond panels with 2 insert panels below.

New matching fanlight and 2 new door panels with restored diamond panels.  

Front view with beautiful pointing!

Panels go to their new life in a garden workshop. Who knows what their next outfit will be!?

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