Friday, 5 December 2014

Fantastic fanlights!

Most fanlights are small, often just over the width of the door, the more wealthy had side fanlights either 1 or 2, narrower than the central one. A very unusual arrangement is the double fanlight where there are 2 rows of large fans. Often where a porch overhang exists light was maximised by leaving the fanlight either just as plain glass or with a painted number, usually white. It is sometimes tempting to fill out every aperture with colourful glass but if you have an old house with a clear glass fanlight give it a good clean, if you cast your eye over it and the shapes outside 'wobble and distort', then the chances are you may well have the original handmade glass which has it's own special beauty.

A double fan - a large expanse of glass!

  Design adapted from an original Victorian design.

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