Thursday, 4 December 2014

It's your home!

Making your home your own can take time. Changing the look of something that has been that way for a long time can seem a large step. When whole streets and large estates were laid out in the Victorian and Edwardian era door apertures were often shaped and designed to take stained glass, but sometimes the money ran out for this luxury and so in place was put a highly textured glass and it was up to the customer to choose to keep this or change it. Here's an example of a job where the customer decided to take that step some 100 years or so later (for the house not the customer)!

Before...with original Muranese glass in the small lights and fanlight

 After, keeping some of the original glass but building in 2 Arts and Crafts style panels 

  Using some 'old stock' Muranese in the new panels to link in with the ones above and using the subtle earthy tones of handmade glass.

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