Saturday, 4 March 2017

Amazing Space!

The Evening Standard recently did an article on the beautiful and much cherished home in Brockley for which I did the stained glass panels for the front door. You can read all about it here; .

Friday, 10 February 2017

Old Marylebone Town Hall

A pleasure to work for Hall Conservation on this lovely job creating the spandrels for 2 ceiling vents over beautiful marble stairwells...

Photo courtesy of Juliette Doyard.

Old spandrels.

New Spandrels

Glasses used Antique Cathedral in cobolt blue and clear.

Building works in progress...

Marylebone Old Town Hall opened in 1920, built by Sir Edwin Cooper and was listed in 1981. The new building will become part of the London Business School campus but also retain its weddings and ceremonies function, so continuing to be one of the most popular venues in London. 

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Beautiful original door set

It's always a pleasure to work on a virtually intact original Victorian door set. This set of panels was very dirty and mainly needed minor repairs, recementing and a very good clean up! The front of the panels has a decorative effect applied to the surface of the lead called 'silverfinger'. This gets a little tired looking after a while and needs renewing. Gold was another popular Victorian colour again applied to the surface of the lead.

All above photos courtesy of Felicity Robinson.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Old Glass Blogpost - featuring Chance Brothers Pattern D!

This popular Victorian glass was manufactured by Chance Brothers in clear and tinted versions. One of a range of figured rolled glasses; smooth on one side and patterned or 'figured' on the other.

Pattern D - blue.

Pattern D - yellow.

Pattern D - green

Pattern D - yes you guessed it pink!

Because, like Muranese and Kaleidoscope, it has a light catching, sparkly nature it was often used for borders and to give texture to panels...

Below it makes an interesting backdrop to a painted piece;

Unlike Muranese, Pattern D is hard to find for matching purposes, the closest match being Muranese.
For more info on old glass please visit the old glass directory on my website.

Old Glass Blogpost - featuring Pilkingtons Kaleidoscope!

Chance Brothers Kaleidoscope

I love this Victorian glass first manufactured by Chance Brothers but sadly withdrawn by Pilkingtons 1957 - 1961. I've recently completed a couple of restorations using this beautiful glass which comes in 13 different tints;

Blue Kaleidoscope.

Pink Kaleidoscope.

Apricot Kaleidoscope.

The closest match for restoration purposes is currently Muranese. For more examples / information on old glass please visit the Old Glass Directory on my website.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Breakspears Road London Open House 2016

Just brilliant to visit this inspiring house open for London Open House today. A beautiful light and airy home, mixing the best of traditional and modern, with warm personal touches. A big thank you to the owners and all involved for working so hard to get everything ready and for letting us look around...

First arrivals...

It was lovely to see the panels in their sealed units finally installed and the glasses in the wake of the lifeboat light up along with the 'sand' in the barge. The customers told me that the coloured light from the panels spreads across the hall. See blogpost dated 6th September for more pics...


It's always a pleasure to fill missing gaps in front door panels, especially when it's one of my favourite streets in Lewisham. The door set below was missing the central panel and though there are no original fanlights this shape left in the street it's likely that the arched fan would have been leaded too. Here we took the door panel 'boxed quarry' pattern rotated it and copied to the fanlight above. The glasses in the central door panel and fanlight are a mix of modern 'Muranese', old Muranese and some unusual textured glasses. The customers came to the studio to choose glasses with a colour scheme in mind that they particularly liked and I think you'll agree they chose really well.


I love it!