Sunday, 30 November 2014

Lost and Found and Loved again!

Fashions come and go, the Edwardians did away with the musty old pastel tints of their parents, deciding to let the light in with lots of clear glass and big bold shapes. Two world wars came and went and damage done to buildings that was not essential for living was low priority in frugal times. Whatever the reason, discovering a panel or set of original panels covered in dirt but with some beautiful glasses can be very exciting! Below are some examples of panels, found in basements, attics, garden sheds and skips and where they ended up...

  Original panels from the street being thrown away by a neighbour.
Rare glasses in the central diamonds removed and reused for internal door set.
 Nothing wasted, another customer chooses the spare panels for their garden studio.
 Discovered in a basement...
 The existing door..
Home again!

Squirreled away in the depths of a Corbett house.
All door struts removed, possibly bomb damage.
Struts and panels intact again.

A similar story with replacement central strut.
Being thrown out by a neighbour.
Damaged glasses replaced from original stock collection.
The Look!
If you have removed all your floorboards, checked every nook and cranny and still cannot find any panels there are some great local places to find original stained glass panels; The Junk Shop on Greenwich High Road, Aladdin's Cave, Lewisham Way and Lassco in Vauxhall. Note of caution though; old panels can need more work than is immediately obvious so do take photos and check costs before purchase. 

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