Thursday, 27 November 2014

From pub to home on a roof rack!

Restoring their beautiful Edwardian home my customers bought 2 panels of 44" x 38" on ebay. These huge panels dating from 1903 were thought to come from a pub in Portsmouth. They must have been looking forward to their new life as they survived the journey to London on the roof rack intact! The panels needed cutting down and the sizes changing for their new shape as window light and door panel. A new fanlight with anchor was made to go above the door panel. What I love about these panels is not only the choice of glass (that lovely fiery orange border and the fantastic ripples of the streaky glass in the sails) but the real quality touches; joints mitred for the clouds, copper wire soldered on for rigging, different thicknesses of lead to indicate posts, lead overlay to indicate beams silhouetted against the sky.

Original panel size.
Ship detail.

Anchor detail.
A feature running through the house was the reed and ribbon pattern. We picked up on this for a further door panel and fanlight.
Reed and ribbon detail.

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