Saturday, 27 June 2020

Nautical theme

Recently completed this panel which sat in between 2 earlier sets of panels I adapted / restored / made new! One a beautiful old pictorial panel which came from a pub not surprisingly called 'The Ship', with newly made fanlight above. The other set of panels (door and corridor) incorporated the house motif of 'reed and ribbon' replicated in various decorative features across the house.

This panel needed to work with both designs with the customers being keen to continue the nautical theme. With this in mind we kept the same layout as the reed and ribbon panel, enlarged the borders, a compass was used for the central area and the Carrick Bend rope pattern used for the corner features.

Panel before fitting.

For the compass border we used a semi opaque streaky glass which changed greatly in different lights. 

With the amber streaky glass the ropes seem to glow!

One side soldered!

To see close ups of the ship look here  and to see close ups of the 'reed and ribbon' design look here.

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