Monday, 8 June 2015

A memory to treasure...the Abbey Church of Saint Foy in Conques, France.

This set of bathroom panels recently completed was based on a fond memory of the effect of the stained glass panels and beautiful interior of the Abbey Church of Saint Foy.

Bathroom panels in Spectrum streaky glass
The Abbey panels below were designed by Pierre Soulages whose aim was to reflect the 'artistic emotional power' of the 11th century architecture. Pierre could not find a glass already in existence that met the effect he desired, so he conducted over 700 tests to get the right quality of translucent glass that was colourless but modulated the light in a particular way. There is a fascinating article about this journey here.

Pierre's glass, although colourless, picks up the mood of the sky making the panels ever changing and lively. The glass that was chosen for the bathroom has a lovely changeable quality being both warm and silky in certain lights and bright and strong in full sunlight.

 One of the advantages of having some movement in the glass is also that you get great reflections!

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