Saturday, 22 January 2022


 It's always a pleasure to work on the beautiful houses in New Cross, London. The work consisted of a new door set of panels with fanlight above and separately a dining room fanlight.

Photo Courtesy of Tracey Gobey.

The design is adapted from the street design with preferred colours / textured glasses chosen. Some original Victorian glasses were recycled and built in; the amber Japanese around the painted centres and plum coloured Muranese cross shapes. 

The beautiful painted centres with Gerbera flowers and 4 insects hold significance for the customers and were exquisitely painted by Flora Jamieson.

The dining room panel is an adaptation from an original Victorian sun design panel.

Photo courtesy of Tracey Gobey

It incorporates some antique diamond shaped jewels from 2 sets of lantern panels (photos below) and recycled glass from some Pinewood Studios panels used in the set for the recent film Black Widow!

Photo courtesy of Tracey Gobey
All fitting by the amazing John Mahoney.

Lantern panels salvaged by a keen eyed friend! 

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