Monday, 25 October 2021

Wood Street Tabernacle Calvary Church of God in Christ

I recently completed a set of panels for COGIC Wood Street in Walthamstow, London. The idea behind the design is that 'life is a journey', we weave our way through and can be held in the net of love and support of a strong community. The wavy lines represent both the journey and the net. The side panels show the Church logo; strands of wheat held together in a sheaf, young and old, showing the welcoming side of the church with ministries across the generations. The central fanlight shows the holy dove, symbol of hope and promise and also a tribute to the hard work of the NHS in this difficult time.

Choosing / checking glasses for the ears of wheat. 

Leading up shots. 

Glasses used were a mix of handmade and machine made glasses.

Side panel in situ close up.

Wheatsheaf detail.

Mix of glasses in the borders. 

Detail of fanlight.

Photo courtesy of Pastor Douglas Wallace.

Side panels fitted by Apollo Stained Glass and fanlights fitted / photo courtesy of John Mahony.

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