Sunday, 24 January 2021

Corbett Estate Eltham

 Archibald Cameron Corbett inherited his father's property business in 1880 and through the late 1800's and early 1900's he built large estates in South East London. His houses were aimed at the skilled working class and middle class market and the standardisation of many components allowed for quality at a large scale. This was also true for his stained glass and luckily there are many original panels left to copy.

This house is in the Eltham Corbett Estate. New panels were made using some original period glasses from my stock of old glasses, keeping as close as possible to the original lead pattern, and colour layout. One small change was the incorporation of roundels instead of discs of coloured glass. Typically this style of panel would have had roundels but I suspect on a large scale cutting discs of glass was massively cheaper than using roundels which are hand spun.  

With thanks to Callum Wells for the above photos 

Beautiful hand painted birds by Flora Jamieson

Corbett owners are quite rightly very proud of their heritage and it is always a pleasure to put in new or restored work into these houses. More information can be found on Corbett click here and here!

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