Sunday, 1 March 2020

Charlton Slopes

It's always fantastic when you get to fill out a full door spread with fanlight, side fanlights, side panels and door panels! This beautiful Edwardian home only had the horizontal door panel remaining from the original set of 3 door panels and one central fan. Much of the original street design remains along the street and curiously the style appears to be that none of the side panels were made into stained glass. It is strange as when it is a full set the hallway looks so much larger. It's possible that the builders money ran out, stained glass was often the victim of declining budgets. Fortunately for this job the central panels lent themselves well to being adapted for new designs for the side panels. It was also brilliant to be able to fill in the fanlight scroll with a house name, so many of these were left blank so that the new owner could fill in their chosen names but maybe it's just one of those jobs that is low down on the list of priorities, I think it really adds to the interest and charm of a house!

All that was left from the original door set.

Full house!

Panels made using vintage Muranese glass from my stock of old glasses. Copies of the original street style birds painted by Flora Jamieson.

External view showing the effect of the textures of lead and glass with decorative brickwork. 

Painted scroll using an Art Nouveau font.

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