Saturday, 21 December 2019

More on Art Deco...

I recently completed a skylight influenced by one of my favourite stained glass artists Louis Barillet (1880 - 1948). Louis Barillet's designs were full of the energy and buzz of the era and he made maximum use of clear textured glasses...

Spectacular, sadly this building on the outskirts of Paris was a museum now closed!

I took the central rays from this design which linked to the 2 Art Deco light fittings either side of the skylight 
Art Deco Light

to create a skylight.

the clear textured glasses of this sharp design help obscure the attic above.

Here is a rambling tour through a tiny fraction of my favourites in Art Deco land!

I love these simple shop fronts...



Note the surface effect of the textured glass in reflected light!

East Greenwich, London

Central Greenwich, London (sadly removed)

The Tuschinski Cinema in Amsterdam...

Domestic / deocorative….

Classic sun rays.

House in Melbourne Australia. 

Kees Kuiler (1890 - 1966)

Art Deco inspired panel at the Stained Glass Shop Wandsworth, early 2000.

Art Deco influences live and influence current design...

If this blogpost has made you curious to find out more about Art Deco design here are a couple of really excellent websites...

The Art Deco Society has a buildings at risk list where you can sign petitions to help save threatened buildings all over the country;

The London Footprints website has a really comprehensive list of Art Deco buildings in London

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