Monday, 15 October 2018

How Long?!!!

What has happened to the Summer? Was it really June the last time I blogged! Here's a quick round up of some of the jobs since then...

New fanlights (left) to match existing original panels (right), St Mary Magdalene RC Church, Brockley, South East London.

Fitting the new fanlights.
Restoration of damaged original door panel.

Full restoration of a beautiful door panel in Charlton with some unusual textured glasses...

Traditional Victorian style new front door panels in Honor Oak...

Original street style.

Watercolours exploring ideas for adding more detail / colour by the client.

 Finished door panels.

On site repair of one cracked pane with matching (old stock) glass in Ladywell.

Partial repairs and restoration of a beautiful original door set in New Cross. 

More photos to follow...

Rebuild of an original 1930's door panel in Charlton keeping the different types of Arctic glass used for repairs over the years.

Panel bowing.

Rebuilt panel with added support bar.

Rebuilding and reshaping of porch door panels to go into smart new doors in Bromley.

Original porch door panels

 New doors made by Ben Bater.

On site repairs Hither Green.

New door panel to match existing door panel salvaging old glass from damaged panel.

Matching up to the existing panel.

New matching panel.

 Copying design elements from an original late 1800's Diaphanie panel...

to create 4 new stained glass panels...

 With painted detail by Flora Jamieson.

Panels altered and prepared to go into sealed units...

New fanlight in traditional, Victorian style, Greenwich...

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