Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Art Deco Modernism!

Some designs are hard to classify crossing styles and proving how fluid and adaptable a 'period style' can be. These panels make the most of the enormous range of textured glasses produced (mainly) by Chance Brothers and later Pilkingtons across a span of 100 or so years but also mixed in some hand made glasses. A list of many of the glasses used is at the end of this blog...

Thank you to Jean Letherby and her husband for giving me this beautiful lens amongst other glass samples saved from their long career as theatre lighting designers.

Textured glasses used; Muranese, Spotlyte, Festival, Pilkingtons no's 1,2 and 3! Arctic (green, blue and clear), Muroglass, Borealis, Sparkle, Cross Reed, Half Inch Reed, Rivuletta, Ribbed Rolled, Corded, Fibroid, Flemish, Crackle, Japanese, Lustre, Masterpoint, 'Stars and Swirls', Fleur, Orbit, Stipolyte, Luminating, Pacific, Starburst, Glistre, Corella, Rimpled, acid etched, Master Carre, Kokomo. Handmade; Green Venetian, Danziger, Hartley Wood, Saint-Just, English Antique Glass and Tatra. Plus a few other glasses that I do not know the names of!

Thank you to Pete True and his father for saving the small arctic glass from his garage doors, thank you to David Encill for generously giving me his Festival glass.   

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