Saturday, 20 January 2018

The Mountains of Hither Green!

It was a real pleasure to design, make and install this fanlight panel depicting the Alps. The distinctive profile / skyline of the Alps was retained but a more abstracted / shattered look developed for the mountains and fields below and for the sky above. It was a fantastic opportunity to light up the mountains with clear glasses which catch the light at different angles / times of the day. The fields and stylized woods are also in a range of unusual vintage and modern glasses.


Houses along this street have a very unique and unusual original feature, a white glass tile (with house number) fixed to the front of the fanlight glass.

Below are some making shots...
All glass is blue tacked up and any colours / glasses that don't work can be changed.

Panel leaded up, before soldering. 

Snow on the mountain range - whiting helps to dry the panel during cementing!

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