Friday, 20 October 2017

A Beautiful Street

Way back in 2011 I completed some panels for a front door in Dulwich...

The door was made to match the street design which most of the houses still fortunately have. The stained glass work was based on the neighbours original pattern but made with colour and texture preferences.

Different textured glasses were used to add sparkle and pick out features...

Night-time view.

It was a pleasure to work on this design and for a customer so keen to restore the original look of the house. Below are some photos of the original leaded panels of this design.

On recommendation I recently completed work on another house along the street. Though the doors and side panels are all the same this design was slightly different.

Again we used a mix of clear and textured glasses.

The original side panels had a pink glass in the centre of the flower. This glass often known as 'true pink' is one of the most expensive glasses containing gold to make the beautiful bright pink colour. In the door panels we used part of an original Norman slab also made with gold to match the chunky, hand-made streaky look. Both doors (including shaped bead!) were skillfully made by carpenter Alex Duncan.

Below are more examples from along the street with different coloured glasses and styles...

Each one with it's own charm.

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