Thursday, 1 October 2015

From Sketch to Reality

This jazzy design started off as the customers sketch below...
It was refined by the customer using the existing white laminate glass as a canvas to try out different ideas and using black electric tape to mimic the leadlines...

 With some final tweaking we tried the design 'the other way round' and found it looked even better...

Glasses used were a mix of textured clear glasses and gradients of amber.

photo courtesy of Fiona Stone
Bonus extra stained glass with reflections in the mirror!

Competing with the beautiful Wisteria - a tough competitor! Security glass at the front of the door panels shows the reflective bounce of light that you get. At night time with the lights on you see the panels as if there were no glass in front. The customer said 'We are loving the door so much! It's made such a difference to the hallway.' 

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