Sunday, 2 August 2015

Old English Muffle

I've just completed a repair on a simple diamond quarry patterned glass. The panel was primarily made with old English Muffle. The lovely glass has a history that stretches right back to the factory style stained glass industries of the Victorian era. It is still made today though the original daisy pattern has morphed into a kind of coffee bean hammer effect. The colours also have changed being softer and more muted originally (though with some surprising bright colours thrown in) to much brighter and stronger colours now. One of the most attractive properties of the old version is the way that the pattern can vary so much sheet by sheet so it can appear very flat but also very rippled so you end up with some very lively panels shifting in texture but all using the same glass. Here is the rebuild I just completed;

and here are a couple of panels I rebuilt showing the beautiful subtle old colours. 

and below in the rectangles is the new version of this glass, ever popular for it's good obscurity and pleasing pattern today!

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