Monday, 23 March 2015

'As soon as I get up in the morning now I pop into the hall to have a look...'

It's a great feeling when everything comes together! For many years this Victorian house had a 70's style stable door with 2 large glass panes. With a new door appropriate for the period and style of the house, a stained glass design was chosen that is typical for houses in the area. Lots of chunky texture and glasses that sparkle were used to bring the panels to life...

A trademark of my work is the option of using old glasses, their depth of embossment really catches the light (although there are many new glasses that do this well too e.g. the borders and amber pieces in this panel). In this close up you can see the vintage glasses 'Japanese' - this is the yellow flower pattern in the centre of the 2 ambers and green 'Muranese' which surrounds the red roundel and is cut from a sheet that came from a house a few streets away. For a previous blogpost on the use of Victorian / Edwardian patterned sheets click here;   

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